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Carl Frampton and wife Christine on cooking, cleaning and spinning teacups

World champion boxer is enjoying time at home with his family after victory over Scott Quigg in Manchester last month

Carl and his wife Christine were special guests at the Circuit of Ireland Rally's Test Day.
Carl and his wife Christine were special guests at the Circuit of Ireland Rally's Test Day.

By Ali Gordon

Carl Frampton is settling back into family life but wife Christine is keeping him well away from the cleaning.

Instead the WBA and IBF world champion boxer has been busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen since winning his fight with Scott Quigg last month.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have him home but I won’t take help around the house,” Christine told Sunday Life.

“I’m a total control freak so I’m happy enough being the cleaner and Carl’s the cook.

“I look after the house and he does the dinners, it works out pretty well for us.

“He’s a really good cook, but he’s usually eating healthy so I have to as well.”

And dad-of-two Carl admits he fancies himself as a bit of a chef.

“I do a good stuffed pork fillet with new potatoes and a cheese and mushroom sauce — I’d say that’s my speciality.

“I’m not so sure I’ll be writing a cook book any time soon, but I’m not too bad at all in the kitchen.”

Speaking to Sunday Life at the launch of the Circuit of Ireland 2016, Carl and Christine enjoyed a spin in a rally car, but Carl isn’t always so fearless.


“He’s probably more of a daredevil than me but I try most things,” said Christine.

“I would do all the rollercoasters but the only thing he doesn’t like is the spinning tea cups! He gets sick so he won’t go on anything spinny — he can’t handle it.

“I’ve done skydiving in Gran Canaria and I loved it. I got such a rush from it so I ended up doing it four times in a row — it was amazing.

“Carl’s been skydiving once before up around Coleraine for charity but I had to pay for mine.

“Hopefully we’ll get to do it together sometime — I’m a real adrenaline junkie so we’ll have to think of something else a bit crazy.”

After spending over three months away at a training camp in Battersea, south London,  ahead of his big win in Manchester last month, Sunday Life Sport columnist Carl couldn’t wait to “just be a dad” to Carla, 4, and one-year-old Rossa.

“Every time you go away, even if it’s only for two weeks, you see a big change in them, so being able to come home and spend a bit of time with them is brilliant. I love it,” said the 29-year-old from Tigers Bay.

“I love doing the school runs and it’s good to be able to give Christine a bit of a break because she does all this on her own.

“It sounds bad because you should always be bonding with your kids, but I’m away so much so it’s good to be able to bond properly.

“I don’t want to be one of these dads that bores people with pictures of their kids but the two of them are hilarious sometimes. Me and Christine get such a laugh out of them.

“They look so similar too, sometimes I look at Rossa and it’s like Carla looking back at me when she was that age.”

Criminology graduate Christine added: “They absolutely love each other — it’s so cute. Rossa follows Carla around and she just loves being the big sister.

“I picked her up from school the other day and she says to me, ‘Mummy, am I famous or is it just daddy?’ and I said, ‘No love, it’s just daddy’.

“She looks at me with this wee face and says, ‘But mummy all my friends and teachers tell me I’m famous too’ so I told her that maybe she was famous and asked her did she feel famous, but she said no so that was the end of that.”

But while Carl is helping out around the family’s stunning home in Banbridge,  his return has made one area of Christine’s life a lot more difficult.

“We tried to go shopping last week for the first time since he got home and I had to walk away and leave him,” said Christine who stayed at home to mind the kids while Carl picked up his MBE at Buckingham Palace last Tuesday.

“I’m used to people stopping and asking him for pictures now, but it’s a complete nightmare sometimes.

“Every single shop we went into people were talking to him and then when we walked out there was a crowd of people standing outside waiting for him.

“I was just out trying to get some balloons to decorate the house for St Patrick’s Day but it was taking forever so I had to ditch him. If you went everywhere with Carl you’d never get anything done!”

 The gorgeous mum, 28, admits that she’ll never fully get used to the couple’s fame, though.

“It’s a bit weird for me because to me he’s just Carl but teenage girls absolutely freak out when they see him sometimes which I find hilarious,” she said.

“Manchester was a whole new level though, I couldn’t believe it. Carl always says he has the best fans in the world and we’ve always known that but you’d have sworn you were in Belfast that weekend.

“Everywhere you went there were people from home and even people from Manchester wishing him luck.


“I felt sorry for Quigg when he got booed — I don’t think that’s right. I don’t know why you’d do that to someone in your own city but I think it’s because people hate Eddie Hearn and Joe Gallagher, not him.”

With his next fight due to take place this summer, Carl is looking forward to having a bit more time to spend with his family.

He said: “I’m enjoying myself but I’m not going mad. It’s just nice to be home and relax but I’m keeping myself ticking over.”

Christine added: “We’re in the middle of selling the house, so it’s been a bit mad recently but we’d love to go away on a warm holiday over Easter. If there’s any more of a hold up with the move I think we’ll just book a foreign holiday.

“We haven’t been away for two years now because I had Rossa and then last summer he was only six months old so he was too young and then Carl was in his training camps so it’ll be nice to get away.

“I don’t think either of us are too bothered about where we go, we’ll just book somewhere last minute with a bit of sunshine.

“I’m dying for a tan — I’m like a milk bottle at the minute!”

  •  Circuit of Ireland runs from April 7-9, with stages in Lisburn, Downpatrick, Banbridge and Newtownards.

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