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A lot has changed, including some new-found trophy belief


Ulster’s Wiehann Herbst

Ulster’s Wiehann Herbst

Ulster’s Wiehann Herbst

If there's one thing we can take away from Saturday's game, then it's the fact that there's no reason why Ulster can't win the Guinness PRO14 this season.

The biggest stumbling block to the side's chances has always looked like needing to go through Leinster in Dublin, but the weekend shows that when Dan McFarland's men are at their best they give themselves a chance of beating anyone, anywhere.

One thing that will need to be managed, though, is the bounce back.

Normally when you suffer a loss that hurts as much, it's a season-ender... you've got four weeks to recover before you think about rugby.

No such luck for Ulster this time around with just six days between the final whistle in the Aviva and this week's PRO14 trip to Glasgow.

The side will be battered and bruised while, emotionally, games like that really do take it out of you. Making a few changes will be necessary but there's certainly fewer players to call upon than there once was. Wiehahn Herbst, who I enjoyed playing with over the years, is the latest man to depart this season. It's crazy to think that there's now seven players who started the campaign with Ulster who aren't there now.

For sure a lot has changed since September.

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