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Alan Green: Back Brendan Rodgers to buck relegation trend

I’d be lying to say that I see much hope for any of the newly promoted clubs in terms of staying in the Premier League. Some last beyond the first season but not normally past two. The usual scenario is ‘Blackpool’.

But I really hope I’m wrong with regard to Swansea City and that’s not only because their young manager is one of the brightest in the country and ‘one of our own’, Brendan Rodgers - we’d all like to see him doing well, wouldn’t we? No, it’s because the Welsh club is the latest to try to buck the trend.

I find it wearisome dealing, week in, week out, with the obscene wealth and arrogance of the Premier League elite. And that goes not only for those at the top of the pile but also for clubs like Bolton whose misguided chairman Phil Gartside still hankers after a reorganisation that would remove the relegation trap-door he so worries about falling through.

Swansea don’t have a training ground of their own. Their entire wage bill last season was around £7 million: that’s less than Rooney gets on his own.

Swansea are odds-on favourites to go down. Go on Brendan, prove us all wrong.

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