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Alan Green: Banish John Terry and take Hart

The question shouldn’t have been whether or not John Terry stayed as England captain while charges are made about racist abuse: we should have asked why a player who’s dogged by scandal was ever made captain of his country in the first place and why, having once been rightly discarded by Fabio Capello, he was ever brought back.

Further, its nonsense to think Terry should play in Ukraine this summer.

Have we forgotten how, in South Africa and no longer skipper, he feigned to lead a ‘players’ revolt’ against Capello: a revolt that never was.

My goodness, nothing seems to stick to Teflon Terry.

I don’t know what Jason Roberts knows about it (he played for Grenada!) but he’s right: Terry’s presence in the dressing room would be toxic.

Ferdinand doesn’t want the captaincy.

It may go to Gerrard, who’d be a safe choice, but I’d pluck a contender from ‘left field’.

Joe Hart will, barring injury, be England’s keeper for the next ten years and more. Why not him?

And Capello should be told to butt out of it. He’ll be gone anyway in July.

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