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Alan Green: Beckham merely promoting his ‘brand’ now

Is there anyone out there who didn’t see, hear from or read about David Beckham last week? I tried hard not to but failed miserably.

Everywhere you turned there was a different journalist claiming an exclusive interview but‘exclusive’ in what sense? That can only be because the lengthy, orderly queue that formed in Los Angeles was a couple of yards away when they were granted their few minutes with the ‘icon’. ‘Exclusive’ my backside.

They were all listening to the same old twaddle about the ‘success’ of his time in the MLS; of how he still wants to carry on at the top level (sic) at the age of 36, how he wants to play in the Olympics and how England should have an English manager. I thought that a strange thing to say given that the manager who indulged Beckham most was a foreigner: Eriksson.

He’s a really nice guy, but what relevance does Beckham have other than as a marketing tool? Every one of those journalists did nothing other than publicise ‘Brand Beckham’.

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