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Alan Green: Blatter’s next goal - Nobel Peace Prize

While I was in South Africa during the summer I spoke to a Brazilian journalist that I’ve known for years. His World Cup experience goes back to 1978.

Given concerns over safety in South Africa, I asked him what it would be like in his own country in 2014. “Oh, very different,” he said. “Here you might be mugged in darkness. In Brazil it can happen ANY time of the day!”

I thought of this on hearing there’d been five days of violence in Rio de Janeiro: over thirty people died. Though police said it was ‘drugs-related’, it certainly raised concerns about safety at the next World Cup as coincided with the ‘Soccerex’ convention in the city.

And, just to emphasise how little grasp on reality some senior football figures have, those attending the convention representing the South Korean bid for 2022 spoke of the effect that North Korean artillery attack last week might have. They think it INCREASED their chances of getting a World Cup!

It seems that FIFA genius Sepp Blatter is so fixated on winning the Nobel Peace Prize he might not be able to resist an opportunity to bring the two Koreas together. You couldn’t make it up!

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