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Alan Green: Campbell must accept some blame for error

What about Arsenal’s Keystone Cops defending in Porto?

It doesn’t matter that they’ll, most likely, go through to the quarter-finals anyway: it’s due to their own stupidity that there’s the slightest risk that they won’t.

Fabianski is held up as the main culprit. One of the Portuguese papers actually headlined an English word – “SURREAL” – above a photograph of the Arsenal goalkeeper and, of course, he was wholly to blame for the first goal turning a cross into a shot through appaling mishandling.

However, perhaps mindful of treating a former England defender with kid gloves, I thought reporters were far too lenient on Sol Campbell.

It’s no wonder he put his head in his hands for the second goal. Why didn’t he just belt the ball clear instead of subjecting Fabianski, already rattled, to a back pass?

And the blinkered Wenger is completely wrong. It WAS a back pass.

Referee Martin Hanssen, we all know, isn’t the best but he was right on that occasion.

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