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Alan Green: Chelsea and Barcelona to meet at Wembley

Few inside the auditorium appeared to ‘get’ Gary Lineker’s little asides during that Champions League draw. I thought his best came when his hand hovered above the balls in the bowl and he said: “Just checking to see if any of them are hot.”

They weren’t, but the outcome might have provoked the more cynical amongst us to suggest it had indeed been ‘rigged’. The chances of Wembley staging an all-English final are minimal, that of an all-Spanish final non-existent: pretty much as Uefa would have wished.

My early leaning is towards a Chelsea v Barcelona showdown. While Manchester United are as good as anyone in ‘squeaky bum time’, their injury list is frightening at the moment: how many will return for the quarter-final? I think Carlo Ancelotti’s team will squeeze past them and then deal with either Inter or Schalke.

Unfortunately, second legs at White Hart Lane or not, Tottenham surely cannot survive the Spanish test(s). And I still believe Barcelona are better than all the rest. What is it, though, that makes me think Shakhtar Donetsk will be far more difficult than we imagine?

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