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Alan Green: Coyle switch from Burnley just baffling

Money will only partly heal the open wound that is the current relationship between Bolton and Burnley, one wincing at opinion that Owen Coyle’s move is “sideways”, the other grieving for their loss. Me? I just can’t work it out.

Coyle must have developed a very special relationship in the two and a half years he played for the Wanderers, greater than the one he grew up with supporting Celtic because, remember, he turned them — a far bigger club — down in the summer.

He will be paid more at the Reebok and he’ll have far more to spend but I thought one of the beauties he boasted of at Turf Moor was managing a team playing attractive football, on a sensible budget, with a devoted following.

All three are in question at Bolton.

Burnley always knew they’d lose Coyle one day. His talent was sure to attract a grander stage at some time. Bolton?

Ask yourself this: how long will it take, how many players will he have to bring in, before he reproduces the stability and the kind of football he had at his old club? Before relegation? Before he moves on again?

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