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Alan Green: Crazy Crouch killed Spurs’ Euro dream

Reluctantly, I give Spurs absolutely no hope of survival against Real Madrid tomorrow night.

Gareth Bale seems to think they have a chance but there’s as much realism in that view as there is in Harry Redknapp’s claim last week that the Welshman is worth £80million on the transfer market.

What’s so frustrating is that the Spanish side simply aren’t that good, certainly nowhere near as good as the team they’ll play in the semi-final, Barcelona. Peter Crouch ‘did’ for Tottenham with two crazy challenges. His goals against Stoke on Saturday which keep alive hopes of qualifying for the Champions League next season hardly made up for his stupidity.

Still, Jose Mourinho had the decency to show sympathy to Crouch as the striker headed for the dressing room, unlike the ‘victim’ of the second yellow card tackle, the disgraceful Marcelo. Are you, like me, sickened by the Brazilian full-back’s celebration of Crouch’s dismissal?

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