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Alan Green: David Cameron has to keep his nose out of football

Sothe Prime Minister has given football authorities two months to draw up plans to “crush” racism on and off the pitch. And, if not, what then David?

There’s no question, of course, that any racism in football needs to be stamped on and stamped out but, aside from the publicity attracted by butting its nose in, is there any reason why the Government should be involved at a time when it faces far, far, more important issues such as unemployment, the economy and the National Health Service?

Someone should point out to the Prime Minister, and quickly, that whatever deficiencies lie within FIFA the world governing body has always been consistent and is entirely right in refusing to tolerate ANY political interference in football. Do that and you risk your national team and the country’s clubs being thrown out of international competition.

Think on ‘Dave’, how would you explain England not being able to take part in the European Championship?

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