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Alan Green: England manager Capello’s Terry U-turn is an outrage

I’m sure most of you couldn’t care less who captains England. Most of the time, I can’t either and, trust me, it isn’t anything other than a minor topic of conversation in pubs the length and breadth of the country.

However, it clearly matters to some of those directly involved.

Personally I think it’s outrageous that the armband should be returned to someone who also exploited the obvious commercial benefits it brought and alienated colleagues with his dubious morals. Contrary to Fabio Capello’s reasoning, a year isn’t enough punishment for John Terry.

Nor, in Terry’s absence, would I ever have considered giving it to someone like Rio Ferdinand who served a long suspension after missing a drugs’ test: that was some example to set.

And I’m appalled at how the England coach has handled this whole shoddy affair: declaring his intentions during a media lunch’, then prevaricate as if his lack of English had been misunderstood and finally to treat Ferdinand shamefully, not even telling him to his face.

Does Capello want the sack?

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