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Alan Green: Everton would be class with a striker

This isn’t a case of delighting in Chelsea’s current problems but I was pleased that Everton took a richly deserved point at Stamford Bridge.

David Moyes is an outstanding manager and it’s deeply wrong to see the mounting pressure he’s under.

That was his 400th game in charge of the club and, while Everton, to his huge regret, haven’t won a trophy during his time at Goodison Park, I can think of no other manager that so consistently over-achieves. I only wish — I’m sure privately David does as well — that he had some reasonable money to spend.

All Everton lack is a decent striker that they can rely on. Saha picks up too many injuries: Yakubu is a spent force; can Beckford really cut it at the top level? Is it too much to hope that Moyes finds himself able to bring someone in next month?

I don’t see any other weaknesses in his team and it must be particularly frustrating that such a great club is crying out for fresh investment. Why would you invest in Blackburn rather than Everton? I don’t understand.

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