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Alan Green: FA run scared of Sir Alex Ferguson

As I forecast, the Football Association’s ‘punishment’ of Sir Alex Ferguson was pitiful — a two-game touchline ban and £20,000 fine. Alex will have laughed all the way back to Manchester. It’s a joke.

It’s also an insult to referees whose response to persistent insult and bullying by the Manchester United manager over the years has usually been muted — until recently when they finally, belatedly, took a stand.

They deserved proper support from the FA not hollow words.

The Wigan manager Roberto Martinez tried to take back quotes attributed to him recently about how authorities are “afraid” of Fergie (right).

Too right they are. Our ‘senior’ manager gets away with far too much.

That’s a great example to set for the younger brethren, isn’t it?

As for the much trumpeted — by the FA — ‘Respect’ campaign, surely that’s the final nail in its coffin.

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