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Alan Green: FA verdict on Clattenburg has let Chelsea off lightly

I can’t be the only one surely who found the FA’s ‘verdict’ on Mark Clattenburg unacceptable: not, I should quickly add, because he did anything wrong that day other than send Torres off.

He certainly would NOT have committed professional suicide by using racist language towards Mikel.

But I find it objectionable that the FA “accepted the allegation was made in good faith.” That gave Chelsea a ‘get out’ so that their own statement didn’t offer even a hint of an apology to the referee.

Look, either racist language was used or the Chelsea players made it up. There is no middle ground in this situation.

So what if Mikel has been charged with using threatening or abusive language towards Clattenburg when he was amongst the posse that barged into the official’s dressing room. Chelsea have got off scandalously lightly.

And just watch and listen to the abuse that will be directed at Clattenburg from mindless fans from now on. He’s been seriously damaged and he’s done nothing wrong.

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