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Alan Green: Fabio Capello’s calls continue to confuse

Another repercussion of the World Cup: England.

Though I supported the retention of Fabio Capello as coach, the power vacuum at the Football Association is allowing a dangerous scenario to take hold. Naturally, the Italian is chiefly interested only in what happens while he is in charge: until 2012 at the latest.

Yet there is a considerable argument behind ditching the whole of the supposed ‘golden generation’ and building for the longer term future.

I know weekend events may over-shadow the issue but I found the exclusion of Jack Wilshere from the squad to play Bulgaria and Switzerland inexplicable.

He’s exactly the sort of player England should be looking too. And, if it means picking his like jeopardises qualification for EURO 2012, so what?

Instead, absurdly, Capello was ‘after’ Scholes and, heaven help us, has opened the door again for St. David! Someone needs to have a serious word in Fabio’s ear.

Mind you, two bad results over the next eight days and he won’t be opening any door except the one marked ‘exit’.

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