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Alan Green: FA’s new code is a waste of time

To a blaze of publicity, the Football Association has announced that they’ll be introducing an England player code of conduct.

Adrian Bevington, the always self-important Managing Director of Club England — he used to organise press conferences —said: “If someone transgresses in a way that brings the integrity of the team, themselves or the organisation into question, we have the ability to warn them or suspend them from England.” Didn’t you always?

FA Chairman David Bernstein insisted that any contraventions of the code will be judged on a case-by-case basis: “The Code…doesn’t contain a tariff (punishment)…it really will depend on the specific circumstances.”

Ah, I get it. You’re bringing in a code, but what you actually do to any offender you’ll make up as you go along. In other words, nothing’s changed.

PS: Ashley Cole is/will be fined for calling the FA a “#BUNCHOFT***S” — that’s telling them! They’ll be quaking in their St George’s Park suites.

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