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Alan Green: Fifa will have to move on technology

I’m not saying Chelsea didn’t thoroughly deserve to win the semi-final against Spurs and the final against Liverpool: they did, but the memory of those triumphs will forever be tarnished by thoughts of goals that ‘were’ or ‘weren’t’ and Chelsea benefited on each occasion.

Martin Atkinson will never live down deciding in Mata’s favour in the Tottenham game. Nor should he. It was a shocking mistake. But did you have the feeling, as I had, that Atkinson’s decision impacted on that of Phil Dowd at Wembley on Saturday? It was as if Dowd didn’t dare risk signalling for a goal without being absolutely certain that the WHOLE of the ball had crossed the line. And I think he was probably right. What would Atkinson have done?

If we don’t introduce technology, goal-line or otherwise, next season it’ll be a joke. And I think it’s time to force FIFA’s hands. Stand up to them. Let them continue to dig their heads in the sand. Do you really think they would reprimand England for doing what’s so obviously right?

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