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Alan Green: FIFA’s stance on Chelsea transfers is right one

While I occasionally feel cause to question the motivation behind the work done by FIFA and UEFA, I welcome the action taken against Chelsea this week: IF it stands up to the inevitable furious appeal.

Like the two-match ban imposed on Eduardo for diving, it’s for the ‘good of the game’. I don’t care in the slightest if the Arsenal striker and the London club are being singled out: that diving i.e. cheating is endemic in the game and ‘tapping up’ is done by everyone; both are unquestionably harmful and need to be stamped on.

Of course, I share the concern of those that say this could lead to an avalanche of like cases.

As it is, we hear that Manchester United might also be in the frame with action being threatened by Le Havre regarding the loss of one of their young players during the summer.

I say, damn the workload. I’d prefer it if every case was treated in the same way.

But is it not possible that the underlying threat of action in itself will have an impact?

And think of the benefits: you’ll be able to buy the Chelsea team photograph for 2010-2011 right now.

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