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Alan Green: Fifa’s world crumbling around them

Listen carefully: do you hear the seams ripping apart on the body of FIFA?

Ever since the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, indeed ever since that whole debacle in Zurich, pressure grows to radically reform football’s world governing body. And it’s beginning to show.

One day the lamentable President, Sepp Blatter, says he’s establishing an enquiry into allegations of FIFA corruption — soon afterwards he says there’s no need since “there is no corruption within FIFA.”

Michel Platini, whose involvement threatens to erode his credibility within the game, says the World Cup in 2022 should be extended throughout the Gulf States.

And who, prey, voted for any such thing in December?

Thankfully, those in the Qatar organisation say “no” to moving the dates of the tournament and “no” to allowing neighbouring countries to join in.

I’m enjoying watching the whole nonsense fall apart as it surely had to given the absurdity of the decision in the first place. If the reign of Blatter ends in the process, all the better.

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