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Alan Green: Football fans will forgive anything ... almost

I had a mild ‘on-air’ disagreement with David Ginola prior to the French game.

He’d said that football fans would “forgive everything” if Andy Carroll was banging in the goals every weekend. I begged to differ considering that the Newcastle United striker had been found guilty of assault once and was up on a further charge. Surely, there has to be a limit?

Then, we had the reception afforded to Wayne Rooney at Old Trafford on Saturday. Now Wayne hasn’t committed any crime, but his stance during his contractual dispute with Manchester United had many of the club’s supporters wanting to see him burnt at the stake.

There were jeers on Saturday, but not as many as there were cheers. And, to cap it all, Patrice Evra: remember how he’d said Rooney should never play for Manchester United again if he had no faith in his team-mates? Now he’s saying all that bitterness is forgotten: “What we have to do is help him and hope he scores many goals for us again.”

Players? Fans? Perhaps they’re more fickle than I’d like to believe. Oh . . . and rumour has it Evra is looking to leave United . . .

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