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Alan Green: Football is every manager for himself

I spoke at length last week to Richard Bevan, the Chief Executive of the League Managers’ Association. I like him: he’s a decent guy and most of what he says we should pay attention to.

He has concerns about the lack of leadership within English football, about the lack of a clearly thought-out plan as to which direction the game should be headed in.

And, naturally, he is more than irked by owners who’ve recently sacked their managers.

Richard wouldn’t say it: I will. Mike Ashley and the ridiculous ‘Venkys’ know little to nothing about football.

But the LMA has a problem. Effectively, it’s a ‘union’ and, in these circumstances, most unions would consider boycotting organisations that behave in such a manner.

Now Chris Hughton’s dismissal was overwhelmingly condemned and Sam Allardyce’s sacking was laughed at — well, I was laughing. Did Alan Pardew hesitate before taking the Newcastle job? Will ‘Big Sam’ turn down West Ham if Avram Grant is dismissed?

That certainly ISN’T union solidarity.

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