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Alan Green: Foul Fabregas not fit to lead Arsenal

The caller to 6-0-6 trying to explain that ‘pretending’ in French was something very different to that in English was wasting his time.

It took me four attempts to pass French O level!

Anyway, in my view, languages aside, Arsene Wenger was on very dodgy ground with his criticism of David Moyes. I admire Cesc Fabregas as a footballer but, too often, his behaviour is beyond the pale. Moyes is right: Wenger is wrong.

However upset he was, Fabregas’ alleged outburst in the tunnel at half-time was inexcusable and asking “How much have you paid the ref?” and saying “Everton are a bunch of cheats” isn’t acceptable.

Lee Mason, the referee, did the Arsenal captain no favours in failing to mention the incident in his match report. It is inconceivable that he wasn’t aware of it. And the Spaniard’s problems need to be addressed, not ignored.

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on Wenger ‘having a quiet word’. The Arsenal boss so rarely sees fault in any of his players: they ‘don’t bad-mouth officials’, they ‘don’t commit bad tackles’. It ill-befits a proud club and I’m not sure Fabregas is fit to be the captain.

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