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Alan Green: Friendlies are just a waste of time

I’ve ducked out of the two England friendlies in the final weeks before South Africa partly through needing a break but mostly because I find such matches are close to being worthless.

Fabio Capello will say how much he has learnt but succeed, as he usually does, in keeping anything of importance to himself.

If the coach really hasn’t got by now a firm idea of the way he wants to go and the players he wants to go with then England may be in worse shape than I thought.

Mexico last night and Japan at the weekend are as much about keeping players occupied as they are about laying down a plan of campaign. So the results needn’t matter, one way or the other.

This is the phoney war. The sooner the whistle signals the start of England v USA in Rustenburg on June 12 the better.

Till then, I’m wearing a black hood over my head to avoid all the baloney that precedes it!

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