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Alan Green: Get Kelly to grill ‘bully’ Fergie more often

Forgive me for going back a few days but I think it’s important. Whilst the story was undoubtedly given extra impetus by the family connections of the ITV reporter asking the questions, nothing can excuse Sir Alex Ferguson’s bullying response in Lisbon.

It was entirely appropriate to wonder if Lindegaard’s (excellent) performance against Benfica might pose a selection dilemma for the Chelsea match. Ferguson’s reply was unforgivably contemptuous: “I don’t know why you ask these questions, you’re just looking for stupid little things.”

No she wasn’t. And it would have been thoroughly unprofessional NOT to ask the question.

For someone of supposedly socialist leanings, I never fail to be amazed at how often Ferguson appears to favour control of the media that would sit easily in totalitarian regimes.

Does he want questions in advance and the right to run a broad red line through those he won’t entertain?

If I was running ITV Sport I would make sure Kelly Cates did ALL Ferguson interviews in future.

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