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Alan Green: Harry Redknapp's laughable link to David Bekcham and Ukraine

I don’t know what made me laugh louder: ‘reports’ — the ‘reporters’ concerned should be ashamed at their lack of judgment — that Harry Redknapp was truly interested in becoming the next manager of Ukraine or news that the new QPR boss wanted to sign David Beckham to kick-start his ‘revolution’ at Loftus Road. Both are ludicrous.

The thought of him giving up his home in Sandbanks — the links with Blackburn were equally nonsensical — for the charm of life in Donetsk or Kiev…well, Harry, I suppose it reminded anyone that didn’t know already that you were out there, ‘on the market’.

But it has been genuinely known for weeks that you were the man in waiting for when Mark Hughes got sacked.

However, having watched many of the old guard return to add grit and graft to the Hoops’ ranks at Old Trafford, players like Derry, Hill and Mackie, are you really ready to turn to that old ‘quarter-back’ in a game that doesn’t allow for such a role?

I’ve said it before, Beckham’s a lovely guy but don’t fool yourself that he can seriously contribute at any decent level of football. He sells shirts and attracts publicity, that’s all.

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