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Alan Green: Hillsborough dead deserve justice

For once the Football Association moved quickly when it discovered the error of its way.

Saying that the FA welcomed the findings of the Hillsborough Independent panel was hypocritical given that they’d chosen the venue for the disastrous 1989 semi-final, a venue they knew didn’t have a safety certificate and one that had posted forewarnings in previous FA Cup semi-finals in 1981 and only a year before.

An ‘apology’ rather than a ‘welcome’ was needed and Chairman David Bernstein duly delivered.

I was commentating at Hillsborough on that awful day and, 23 years on, I’m still emotionally scarred.

I didn’t lose a relative: I didn’t personally know any of the 96 that needlessly died. I can only begin to imagine what it’s been like for the families.

Thank goodness the truth they’ve known all this time cannot now be ignored by the wider public who were all too ready to accept the myths and the lies. Let justice be next.

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