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Alan Green: Home Internationals belong in the past

I think that, probably, the overwhelming majority of you reading this will disagree with me but I’m not in favour of restoring the Home Internationals either as a one off or on a permanent basis.

Look, I was as delirious as anyone that night at Windsor Park seeing and describing David Healy’s winner against England but it happened in a tournament that mattered and not during a series of local and, in my view, unimportant squabbles. Those games are for the past and should be left there.

I fear bringing them back, and I know Northern Ireland was never involved in such scenes, would invite the sort of problems I experienced in 1999 when, following a European Championship meeting between Scotland and England, I had to find shelter from the riot that ensued on the concourse at Glasgow Central Station.

No. We already have too much international football.

Instead of replacing England’s forthcoming friendly games against Denmark and Ghana with matches against Scotland or Northern Ireland, I’d argue we do away with them altogether.

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