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Alan Green: Honestly, Sir Alex, it’s good to talk

As someone who, on more than one occasion, has tried and failed to establish a sensible working ‘adult’ relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson you’d think me a fool to say anything that would remotely jeopardise his agreement to talk to the BBC once again. I won’t. I’m no fool.

But the main winners at the ending of this ridiculous seven-year long feud are the fans, particularly the Manchester United fans, who will far more frequently get to hear the thoughts of the most successful manager in the game.

You must remember, aside from Champions League nights when Sir Alex doesn’t risk offending UEFA, the United manager actually doesn’t say a great deal to the media.

As on Sunday, most reporters huddle around the television monitors in the press room eavesdropping on his comments to Sky or MUTV. He doesn’t usually talk directly to them after a game.

So, I welcome a move in the right direction. I hope it lasts. And don’t worry about Sir Alex, he still has the FA to rant at.

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