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Alan Green: How long until David Moyes calls time at Everton?

The Arsenal manager isn’t the only high-profile boss whose future can be described as uncertain: David Moyes is another.

Now, for me, Moyes has been a contender for ‘Manager of the Season’ ever since he arrived at Goodison Park in 2002: constantly working miracles with scant resources. But surely Everton’s finances have never been as poor and their likelihood of attracting new investment as faint as it is right now?

No matter his evident love for the club and his ability to cope with most everything that is thrown at him, how much longer will Moyes want to carry on?

And what, privately, must he feel about the naivety of Bill Kenwright? The chairman was warned about the dangers of being too ‘open’ when he met supporters’ groups last week. Confidential meeting or not, what was discussed was bound to leak out.

I fear, and Everton supporters should fear, that Moyes will not be the manager by the end of the season, perhaps long before its end. His talent is not un-noticed elsewhere. Someone will come calling.

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