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Alan Green: I don’t get Tottenham Hotspur’s rush for Beckham

It may yet be possible I’ll watch David Beckham in a Tottenham shirt for the first time on Sunday - as I write this piece, Spurs are still pressing hard to secure a loan deal - whether he starts against Manchester United or, more likely, comes on as an intended ‘impact-sub’.

But I really can’t think why.

Beckham, it must be remembered, is nearly 36.

His ‘legs’ are long gone, fit only for a well below top standard Major League Soccer.

I know; I see enough of those games in the States. Didn’t Harry?

The Spurs’ boss thinks Beckham is in the prime of his life and not beyond his prime.

He dreams of Beckham swinging crosses in for Peter Crouch to head in.

Maybe Redknapp believes he can introduce a ‘quarterback’ role for the player in English football and has forgotten you can’t wheel someone on and off the field.

In short, I just don’t get it. And I also believe it would be a kick in the teeth for Aaron Lennon.

If Los Angeles Galaxy eventually allow the loan, it suggests Beckham is becoming an after-thought even there.

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