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Alan Green: I want to see action from Uefa... not words

Things really are that bad for the Europa League; Uefa has appealed to managers and players to talk up the competition. You couldn’t make it up.

Actually, watching the games involving Spurs and Liverpool last week, I found them both very entertaining even though neither English side got the result it wanted or deserved.

However, there was one incident in the game at Anfield that should concern Uefa far more than the publicity that surrounds its second-rate competition. I hope you saw it.

During the second-half, Stewart Downing got past an opponent and bore down on the Udinese penalty area, for a split second at any rate, because Giampiero Pinzi decided Downing wasn’t going anywhere and pulled him to the ground in disgraceful fashion. Unquestionably, had he been the last man, he’d have been sent off. As it was the Swedish referee merely booked him.

Ridiculous. I can’t think of anything more reflective of serious foul play aside from breaking someone’s leg.

If Uefa cares about the credibility of the competition, they should suspend Pinzi.

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