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Alan Green: If money is what Carlos Tevez wants, then Manchester City should kick him out


Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez

Is Carlos Tevez the ‘Wayne Rooney affair’ all over again? After all, his ‘goalposts’ keep shifting.

It’s been known for many months that he desperately misses his two daughters who live with their mother in Argentina. There’s nothing to criticise in that. I’d support anyone putting their family first.

So when Tevez intimated — it’s difficult to know what he really means since his use of English is still appallingly bad despite living here for four years — that the reason behind his transfer request was to return to them, I had no problem.

If, to do that, he ended up playing for Boca Juniors or not playing at all — retiring — it would involve only a major financial loss for Manchester City. And they can afford it.

But then other factors made you doubt his stance. He was suspended for the game at West Ham and the club granted him four days off. Why did he go to Tenerife instead of going to see his daughters in Buenos Aires?

And why, on Sunday, did a statement claim that his “relationship with certain executives and individuals at the club has broken down and is now beyond repair”? — not that I have any time for Gary Cook and Brian Marwood either.

It all stinks to high doh and the club is making sure they add to the confusion telling us that the Argentine signed a new two-year house rental, with an option of a third year, only two weeks ago and that he’s also been looking to buy a property with enough land to build three golf holes!

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Increasingly, the antics of players make me reach for the sick bag.

I admit I didn’t see it as such on first viewing but how bad was the behaviour of Didier Drogba when he scored the equaliser at Tottenham on Sunday?

Was his ‘strut’ aimed at insulting the Chelsea fans, who’ve been mildly critical of the player of late and rightly so, or at the Chelsea manager who dropped him to the bench for the start of the game?

And there’s Rooney. I couldn’t quite believe I was hearing the adulation that greeted the tannoy announcement of the player’s name the other night. How quickly they forget.

Clearly, too, I’d forgotten just how many football fans are mugs.

So, what should City do with Tevez? Given the importance of his goals, they may be tempted to dig their heels in (denying the transfer request is a start) and force him to stay as their title challenge gains strength.

On the other hand, why not put the feelings of the fans first? I can’t believe City supporters are entirely happy at the growing band of mercenaries at Eastlands, people like Adebayor and Balotelli.

Their obvious faults can’t be disregarded merely in pursuit of trophies. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that the odd player ‘kissing the badge’ actually meant it?

If Tevez ends up back in Buenos Aires, so be it. If he actually wants a spell — for Tevez that would mean a ‘short’ spell — in London, Madrid or Barcelona or if he wants even more money . . . then kick his backside through the exit door and view him with the contempt he deserves!