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Alan Green: It’s Fab news for England

I’ll bet that, privately, Fabio Capello (right) was rubbing his hands in glee on hearing the Champions’ League draw.

His nightmare scenario was finding an English club, and worse two, in May’s Madrid final given its proximity to the World Cup. There’s less likelihood of that now.

David Beckham got his wish but I’m certain Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping for opposition more limited than AC Milan.

No, they’re not the force they were, continuing to age and now without Kaka, but their vast experience on the European stage means they’re a team you’d rather avoid.

As for Chelsea, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the cracks that are appearing in the relationship between Jose Mourinho and Inter Milan. Nothing will focus the Portuguese manager’s mind more than trying to outwit his former club and the former AC coach Carlo Ancelotti.

It’s really difficult to decide which of United or Chelsea is the more attractive tie or the more difficult to call and, even granting that Arsenal’s luck largely held, I can see at least one of the English clubs falling in the last 16.

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