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Alan Green: It’s obvious Fernando Torres wants to leave Liverpool

One figure still stood out in a wholly abject Liverpool performance at Newcastle on Saturday evening and what was once a thought that was so outrageous it could never be uttered now needs to be said: should Liverpool sell Fernando Torres?

I would not go so far as to claim that he didn’t try at St. James Park but he certainly gave in far too easily when confronted by an opponent, his touch was awful and his body language even worse. Unless he says something completely and convincingly different, it’s become obvious that he wants out of Anfield.

Worse, so poor are the majority of his performances of late, his ‘market value’ decreases by the game. Torres is now nothing like the player that arrived and I’d love to know why.

Is he disillusioned by what is (or isn’t) happening off the field? Just how much money are the new owners willing to spend trying to right what is wrong on the pitch? Has Torres little faith in the manager? He’s not alone in that. Or, does he just feel the need for a fresh start?

Whatever, I’m certain that it can’t be allowed to go on like this.

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