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Alan Green: It’s organised chaos on the road to complete bedlam

The organisation of every World Cup starts off a little bit nervously. I should know; this is my seventh.

My worry on this occasion is that South Africa’s infectious enthusiasm for the event is in danger of being out-weighed by its inability to cope with reality.

The first week out here has offered numerous examples.

The ‘roads’ represent chaos. Getting to the opening game took three and a half hours — and the stadium was only halfway across the same city!

The trip to Rustenburg saw hideously delayed queuing to pay at toll-booths: ‘paying’ to travel on a single carriageway?

Security is, simply, a joke. I have no problem waiting to be searched when people know what they’re about. Here, they don’t.

The BBC insists that we use rather old-fashioned ‘lip microphones’. They’re a heavy piece of metal not unlike a World War 1 hand grenade. No-one questioned them.

Instead, Chris Waddle, poor soul, had wine gums and then crisps confiscated on successive nights. Clearly, they were a danger to life and limb!

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