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Alan Green: Just applaud incredible Ibrahimovic

Post-Stockholm there have been numerous debates about the greatest goal ever scored.

Fair enough, if you’re into that kind of thing, but though I too was initially engaged in assessing the status of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s fourth goal, it’s surely all rather subjective.

“Oh, it was only a friendly.” “Maradona’s was better.” “what about Rooney’s overhead kick against Manchester City?” And on and on. Can we not simply applaud the incredible technique employed by Ibrahimovic (pictured)?

The thought that kept coming into my mind afterwards was if you’re reversing one of those flash cars that have a camera looking backwards. You don’t actually need to look in the direction you’re driving.

Ibrahimovic must have had a picture in his mind of what was going on behind him and acted, magnificently, accordingly. If I hadn’t had a microphone in one hand, I’d have applauded.

Nevertheless, thinking of England, what was in the mind of Joe Hart? I hope Roy Keane’s suggestion that the goalkeeper has been a bit too cocky this season is wide of the mark.

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