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Alan Green: Just let Rob go, Sparky

Perhaps it’s the difficulty in conversing in a language that’s foreign to you though, thinking about it, how often do we hear ‘English’ players who plainly can’t speak English?

No matter, I’m surprised anyone treated the words of Robinho in a BBC interview over the weekend remotely seriously.

He spoke of how he’s “very happy here. I think I (will) stay here five years, ten years, I don’t know.” Remember, this is the guy who, on the day he signed for Manchester City, thought he’d joined Chelsea!

The truth is that Robinho, who cost a mere £32.5 million, is a bit of a joke.

I’m not saying he can’t play: of course he can or else he wouldn’t be a likely member of Brazil’s starting eleven in the World Cup next summer. But he only plays rarely for City and when he does so you can’t say he’s been especially good. I hardly noticed him in that win over Chelsea.

And he hasn’t exactly hidden his obvious desire to join Barcelona. There’s hardly a week goes by when he isn’t linked with the Champions League holders. If he’s saying he loves City, his agent’s working at something completely different.

Mark Hughes wants to build a spirit as well as a team at Eastlands. I think Robinho is anathema to that. Get rid of him – preferably in January.

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