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Alan Green: Kenny Dalglish not helping Adny Carroll

Kenny Dalglish can be sensitive to any question thrown up by the media but he is especially so — unreasonably so in my opinion — when the subject is Andy Carroll.

It’s as if everything is well, that there can be no doubts about the player’s ability or how he’s being deployed by Liverpool.

I appreciate that, for the majority of the club’s supporters, Dalglish can do no wrong but it’s time the manager got off his high horse about the Geordie: certainly after the events of Saturday.

Carroll didn’t do that much in the Carling Cup win at City. How could he when he was so isolated? But I thought it inexcusable that he didn’t start against Stoke. Neither did Bellamy. What, in the continued absence of Suarez?

As bad, Dalglish played THREE central defenders against the lone might of Crouch.

The manager’s tactics were bizarre generally but it’s becoming impossible to understand what he’s doing with Carroll.

I’m not the striker’s biggest fan but I’m beginning to feel very sorry for the player. Does he need to leave Anfield?

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