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Alan Green: Kenny Dalglish should not get involved in ref rage

I sincerely hope that Kenny Dalglish wasn’t too serious in saying that he might consult Liverpool’s American owners about whether or not to take his current criticism of referees further.

If he does, I hope that they say “don’t”.

I am no more a fan of Mark Clattenburg than Dalglish is. I put him in the same woeful category as Lee Mason and Lee Probert. When I see their names in charge of games I’m about to commentate on I wince; but not because I think they are ‘biased’ but because they are simply not very good.

But only Sir Alex Ferguson, and I’m sure that’s who Dalglish was hinting at over the weekend, has made criticism of referees an ‘art form’.

When he’s allowed to get away with it — still too often — most referees seem terrified at the thought of offending him further.

However, why don’t ALL managers stand by what they agreed to do some time ago: stay off referees’ backs and leave it to us in the media to say how useless they can be?

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