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Alan Green: Lawyers should leave well alone

A few weeks ago I’d never heard of Peter Herbert and the group he’s chairman of, the Society of Black Lawyers. I’m starting to wish they’d disappear back down the hole they emerged from.

I totally oppose all forms of discrimination and particularly those that pertain in football, but I suspect that Herbert and his colleagues are more interested in publicity than principle.

Who rattled their cage to make them think they should stick their oar in over John Terry and Anton Ferdinand?

Is there an idea more racist and discriminatory than establishing a ‘black’ breakaway group from the Professional Footballers’ Association?

Why did they complain about Mark Clattenburg to the Metropolitan Police when it was being investigated anyway? And it goes on…

They’re now demanding that Tottenham Hotspur and the Football Association make greater efforts to combat anti-Semitic chanting.

“The report (again to the Metropolitan Police) will be made if this behaviour does not cease by 20 November,” they said.

Spurs’ fans, traditionally, call themselves ‘Yids’ as a defensive measure against rival supporters who taunt them.

They are NOT anti-Jewish. Herbert and company…butt out!

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