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Alan Green: Less of Holloway would be no bad thing

I must be in a very tiny minority of people who aren’t shedding tears at the current plight of Blackpool.

And it’s all down to how I view the manager Ian Holloway.

Now most seem to find him ‘a breath of fresh air’ with his outspoken, at times outlandish comments.

Thrust a reporter’s notebook, microphone or camera in Holloway’s direction and you can be sure he’ll give you a ‘quote’. Few ask if it makes any sense.

And, boy, does Holloway crave the attention managers get in the Premier League. Trouble is, he’s forever butting his nose into areas that don’t concern him.

Do you remember when Wayne Rooney wasn’t the greatest player on the planet and was still kicking down the financial doors at Old Trafford? I remember hearing more of Holloway then than Sir Alex.

And the Charlie Adam transfer nonsense in January? Instead of putting his arm around the captain and perhaps asking that Adam stay until the summer to help Blackpool survive, Holloway only talked up the fee — remember he gets a ‘cut’ — and further unsettled a vital player.

No, if Blackpool go down, we’ll see less of Holloway: no bad thing.

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