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Alan Green: Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has lot of convincing to do

After watching a lot of dross this season, I’m delighted to report that I’ve recently watched some genuinely ‘uplifting’ games: Spurs beating the European champions, Bolton’s subsequent thrashing of Tottenham and then, on Sunday, Sunderland’s win at Stamford Bridge.

Its unexpectedness was exceeded only by how much it was merited. At the end, had I not immediately had to present 6-0-6, I would have stood up to applaud. The Wearside team was wonderful, superior to their opponents in virtually every position.

The crux was Steve Bruce’s brave decision to play with two strikers, Gyan and Wellbeck: none of the nonsense of being intimidated by where you’re playing or who you’re playing against. It was bold and brought due reward. And how healthy is it to see a league table that has Bolton fifth and Sunderland sixth?

What a contrast, too, to the sight of a feeble Liverpool being steamrollered by Stoke the previous evening, intimidated by everything that was happening around them. I remain unconvinced that Roy Hodgson is the right man for Anfield.

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