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Alan Green: Liverpool on a winner with Kenny Dalglish

Even before kick-off at Old Trafford, I felt it was a winning weekend for Liverpool whatever the result.

I’m surprised at the number of people jumping to the defence of Roy Hodgson’s brief reign at Anfield.

It can only be because he’s English; they can’t have watched Liverpool that often this season. His was an appaling tenure.

The American owners were more sluggish getting rid of him than I would have been but, perhaps, that reflects their intended more measured approach than previous tenants.

Whatever, they eventually made the right move.

By selecting Aurelio and Agger — no matter his ‘challenge’ on Berbatov — Kenny Dalglish announced an immediate change in approach.

I hope he goes further at Blackpool tomorrow night by playing Johnson on the right of midfield and keeps Kelly, who CAN defend, at right-back.

Dalglish will unite everyone at Anfield. Even if it’s only in the short term, he knows what’s required at the club.

Negativity will be pushed through the exit door and fans can look forward to a better second half of the season.

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