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Alan Green: Liverpool sponsors Standard Chartered just beggar belief

Liverpool are sponsored by Standard Chartered for around £20 million a year: the bank’s name is on the club’s shirts. Standard’s sponsorship chief Gavin Laws spoke at last week’s SoccerEx conference in Manchester: ill-advisedly.

“The real power Liverpool could do for us is if there was a way they could nurture foreign players from Asia.”

So . . . you want a say in the club’s transfer dealings?

“I’d like to see Kenny as the long term manager.” I’m sure the club’s American owners are paying appropriate attention.

Laws also said he expects the players to be as disciplined as his bank staff. No doubt in a reference to Andy Carroll: “As a bank, we have pretty stiff rules on how our staff behave and we encourage our partners to have similar rules.”

Further, to emphasize his outstanding appreciation of football, Laws said it’s “not that important” if Liverpool again miss out on a Champions League place (pretty much certain after the West Brom defeat).

He explained that was because matches are played when the bank’s target audience in Asia is asleep.

Honestly: I kid you not.

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