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Alan Green: Liverpool won't win Luis Suarez race row

Clearly, Liverpool feel an acute sense of injustice with regard to what's happened to Luis Suarez and that their star player is being subjected to a witch-hunt.

I, too, was surprised at the severity of the sentence imposed on the Uruguayan.

Except for his admittance that he directed a word at Patrice Evra that is used commonly in his own country and, most important, isn't a term of abuse, there was no 'evidence' whatsoever. No other player on the pitch that day heard it: nor did the referee.

However, I would urge Kenny Dalglish and others at the club to move on.

This is not a battle they can win because, simply, it's a battle the Football Association now can't afford to lose.

They have made a massive statement with regard to zero tolerance of anything that can be construed as racist and their 'message' was aimed as much at those abroad as in England: particularly, at FIFA.

If I were John Terry, I'd be very worried. England captain or not, if he's found guilty in a court of law then, following Suarez, the FA must and will throw the book at him.

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