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Alan Green: Manchester City look set for their biggest test of all

It’s a huge week for Manchester City, isn’t it? And, of course, it had the perfect start for them, deposing Manchester United at the top of the table.

Like Fergie at Anfield, Mancini went with an odd selection against Villa, leaving Dzeko, Silva and Nasri on the bench, but with far better reason. But, the trio were rightly held back — ironically Silva might be injured — for this vital Champions League game tonight at home to Villarreal which is a match City surely have to win given that they’ve only a point in the bank so far: anything less than victory and they’re unlikely to qualify for the knockout stages.

Then there’s cleaning up the Carlos Tevez affair — the manager secretly seeing the player last week seemed a strange about-turn — followed by Sunday’s trip to Old Trafford.

In Europe, over Tevez and finally at the home of the Champions, City have an opportunity to make a mammoth statement. The question is: how bold will Mancini be?

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