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Alan Green: Manchester City were right to give Cook the boot

I shed not a single tear for the departing Manchester City Chief Executive Garry Cook.

Irrespective of the truth of the dodgy email, I think the club is well rid of a bumptious oaf whose frequent ‘gaffes’ did so much to embarrass them.

Given the general distain in which Cook was held, I was surprised at the number that mounted a ‘defence’ surrounding City’s capture of silverware after a 35 year absence, the unprecedented £400 million sponsorship arrangement (being investigated by UEFA) and the new training complex that will rival anywhere else in the sporting world. Heavens, with the money Cook was able to spend so lavishly, even I might have managed those targets.

No, that the City owners seemed happy to call it ‘quits’ says

it all: time to install a little dignity at the helm of a great club and how they must wish David Gill’s loyalties were blue rather than red.

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