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Alan Green: Manchester United and Liverpool fixtures left in tatters

I’m not going to say much about what happened at Old Trafford on Saturday because I’m heartily sick of the whole Suarez/Evra business.

I told colleagues before the game that I couldn’t wait until it was over. I’m afraid it ‘lived down’ to my expectations.

As with the QPR/Chelsea clash recently I’m sure the authorities would have cancelled the pre-game handshake.

Dalglish, who again didn’t handle things remotely well, must feel wholly let down by Suarez refusing to shake Evra’s hand but I’m not convinced that everyone in the stadium knew what had happened. The atmosphere was already toxic.

The crowd ‘contributed’ as they’d done two weeks previous, then we had the tunnel bust-up at half time: appalling.

At the final whistle Evra, who till then had occupied the moral high ground, wound up all parts of the ground which provoked more trouble and his manager stuck his self-righteous oar in saying Suarez is a disgrace and Liverpool should sell him: pathetic.

The apologies help, a little. So did United’s gracious response, but meetings between these two clubs next season can’t be far enough away for me.

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