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Alan Green: Mancini is wrong - the title race is still on

A week isn’t just a long time in politics. What about football? The other weekend most, including me, had more or less given up on the chances of Manchester City winning the title.

Wasn’t that an astonishing win at Norwich, particularly coming off the back of the Champions’ defeat at Wigan? I don’t know what games Roberto Mancini is playing — perhaps something is lost in understanding his accent — but no-one of sound mind is buying his assertion that the title race is over, that United are too strong and their spirit so much better than City’s.

Perhaps he’s cleverly lifting as much mental pressure off his side as he can but the facts are if City win their remaining games, including the vital match at the Etihad against United, then just one further slip by United would see THEM falter. And they’ve still got to play Everton at Old Trafford and Sunderland away on the final day.

The only downside for me in City’s sudden revival is that Tevez is at the heart of it. He should have been left to play golf on any course that finds his presence acceptable.

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